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We believe in education with product.

We are an IT retail store that will go out of our way to understand your individual needs,

And assist you in the best way possible according to those needs.

We supply IT equipment to End-Users, Private, Corporate, Educational and government.

We also offer a wide range of professional technical services

From in store computer and laptop repairs, to onsite IT and network support.

Our stock ranges from Notebooks to Computer Systems, Monitors, LED Screens, Printers, Graphics Cards, Networking Equipment, Cabling, Multimedia Peripherals and more. We also offer a wide range of technical services and specialist in store computer and laptop repairs services.

At Chaos Computers we have taken upon ourselves the challenge to give you, our customer, everything you deserve. The best service and quality goods at the right price. At Chaos we don’t only deal in technology, we deal with people too, and it’s our customers that make us what we are today.

Chaos Computers is a leading supplier of all computer hardware, software and accessories. Our partnerships with leading global brands enable us to respond to the unique needs and aspirations of all of our customers, while remaining socially aware and contributing to the community through education and training.

Our highly skilled, professional and friendly staff will gladly build computers to client specifications. Our excellent after sales service is well-known in the industry. Our customers benefit from the personal care, knowledge, experience and attention that Chaos Computers has to offer.

Our advantages

Service means success. Service is our top priority. We make sure that we offer our clients a completed experience when purchasing computer hardware from us. Our team are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you have an excellent experience when dealing with us. 
Deliver, Deliver, Deliver. If we haven't got it, we will find it. If you need it, we will get it. Our team is trained to do everything possible to provide you with the exact product that meets your specific requirements. Multiple channels of procurement allow us to get the right product for you, at the right price.
If something goes wrong, We've got you covered! We don't only sell hardware. Our our team are highly qualified and fully equipped to be able to assist you with any technical support related issues that you might encounter. Service and support are what we excel at.
Education with product! Knowledge is key to making good decisions when choosing the right hardware for your needs. Our team are the most knowledgeable in the industry, and they are more than willing to spend time with you answering all of the questions that you might have.
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