Redragon Devarajas K556 RGB MECHANICAL Gaming Keyboard

Redragon Devarajas K556 RGB MECHANICAL Gaming Keyboard


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Redragon Devarajas K556 RGB MECHANICAL Gaming Keyboard


To compete at the highest level, you need the fastest mechanical keyboard there is. The Redragon K556 RGB isn't your average gaming keyboard. Not only is it over-engineered and built to take a beating, it is loaded with features including heavy duty metal and ABS construction, double-shot injection molded keycaps, high-end switches with mechanical ultra-last springs, crisp and bright adjustable RED LED backlighting, a gold plated USB connector, and a splash-resistant design. 

One tough mechanical gaming keyboard. Perfect for whatever battle you might face. 


Bullet Point:

Custom mechanical switches (Brown switch) for ultimate gaming performance. Redragon K556 Mechanical gaming keyboard comes with 8 Pcs Free Brown Switches for players to replace it. 

Customizable Pro-gamer mode: Press FN+INS-PgDn to switch Pro-gamer mode. RGB LED adjustable lighting with 6 themes backlight -12 lighting models. Player also can adjust the brightness of the background color via FN+“↑”and“↓.

Aluminum and ABS construction, plate-mounted mechanical keys, and gold plated USB connector stand up to hardcore gaming


The mechanical keyboard is constructed with 104 standard floating keys, plug and play, No driver needed, programming is not supported. Redragon devotes to deliver the best gaming experience to consumers.


Custom mechanical switches designed for longevity, responsiveness, and durability. Mechanical keys with medium resistance, audible click sound, and tactile feedback.



104 double-shot injection molded keycaps LED backlit for razor sharp lighting that doesn't scratch off. 100% anti-ghosting.

Blue switches: Clicky sound, fast response, let you become the hard-core in the game . 

Durable: Keys can bear 50 million times keystrokes. Made of metal material, with matte-finish texture, it is sturdy and robust enough to protect it from scratch, bump and corrosion. 

Complimentary key cap puller tool: We offer you a key cap puller for free. With this gadget, you can pull your key caps easily when you want to clean your keyboard or frequently change your key caps. 

Non-slip design: Under the keyboard, there are two rubberized holders to prevent it from slip. 

Built like a tank. Over-engineered metal and ABS casing and splash proof design.


Keyboard setting:
6 themes backlights
12 backlight models
4 LED brightness levels
Adjustable pulsing rate LED lights
104 standard keys
All non-conflict keys; 12 multimedia keys; adjustable input speeds
Interchangeable arrow keys and WASD keys
WIN keys can be disabled when gaming; laser engraved chiclet keycaps

Technical Specification:
Connector: Gold-plated USB
Keyboard Size: 17.13 x 4.88 x 1.59 inches
Keyboard Weight: 1.3 pounds
Multimedia keys: 12
Material: ABS

Package Content:
1 x Redragon K556 RGB 104-key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.
1 x User Manual.
1 x Keycap Puller.
8 x Free Switches for DIY.
1 x Warranty Card.