Chaos Clouds Exclusive Core i5 Gaming PC Tower

Chaos Clouds Exclusive Core i5 Gaming PC Tower


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Chaos Clouds Exclusive Gaming PC Tower

Proudly presented by Clouds-Youtube

And The Chaos Crew Team

Ideal Gaming PC for Fortnite streaming and customs
Used by Clouds Himself to Graft and Game
Looks awesome and gives a great FPS
Simultaneously game and upload live streams
High quality hardware that won't let you down
Nail head-shots, and brag about it online

Custom assembled exclusive Gaming PC  Tower

For up and coming Fortnite professionals and Youtube streamers

The highly experienced team at Chaos Computers sat down with the Chaos Crew and Clouds-Youtube to put together a decent gaming PC for Clouds to use while he streams live on Youtube and plays custom Fortnite games and tournaments. Using quality hardware that wont let you down when you need it most, they put together the Chaos Clouds Exclusive Gaming PC to meet all the requirements of South Africas fastest growing Youtube streamer and Fortnite gamer.

Coolermaster MB530p ARGB Gaming Case
MSI B360 Motherboard With 3 Year Warranty
Intel Core i5 9th Generation Processor
16 Gigabytes Crucial Balistix RGB Gaming RAM
MSI RTX2060 6Gig SUPER Ventus Graphics Card
WD Blue Solid State Hard Drive + 2TB Storage


Clouds Exclusive Gaming PC Specifications:

  • Coolermaster Masterbox MB530p RGB Gaming Chassis
  • Coolermaster MWE500 Watt Power Supply 80+ Bronze Certified
  • MSI B360M Bazooka 9th Generation Motherboard
  • Intel Core i5-9100F 2.90Ghz 9th Generation Processor
  • Coolermaster MasterAir MA610 RGB Cooling System
  • 16 Gigabytes DDR4-3200Mhz Crucial Balistix RGB Gaming RAM
  • 500GB Western Digital Blue Solid State Drive
  • 2 Terabyte Western Digital Hard Drive
  • 6GB OC DDR5 Graphics Card
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bit

Customize This Exclusive Gaming PC to suit your needs - Speak To Our Sales Team

Clouds Exclusive Gaming PC Component Warranty Details:

  • Case: 1 Year
  • Power Supply: 5 Years
  • Motherboard: 3 Years
  • CPU: 3 Years
  • Memory: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • SSD: 5 Years
  • Hard Drive: 2 Years
  • Graphics Card: 3 Years