Is a Liquid cooled CPU better than an Air cooled CPU ??

Is a Liquid cooled better than an Air cooled CPU ?

Well the answer to this question is not a definite Air or Liquid. Our research suggests that there’s no real definite answer.

Liquid cooling can allow for better performance on the high-end PC setups. Air cooling is limited to the socket on your motherboard. It is also the most cost-effective way to go if budget is a problem.

Air cooling has fewer moving parts and doesn't have any chance of leaking and killing other system components so it's more reliable. It can also be quieter than liquid cooling can ever be since it doesn't require a pump, as those suckers can make a bit a of a noise.

At the end of the day… the job to be done, is to cool down the CPU. The Liquid system does a better, more stable job than the air cooling fans usually do, so if budget and space in your case is not a problem, then we suggest the Cooler Master ML240R his younger brother the Cooler Master ML120L will also do a pretty good job.

This still doesn’t mean that Liquid has won the fight, as Linus from LTT explains in his video below. The air coolers available can sometimes do the same job, if not better, that the liquid coolers can. Have a look at the Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M which is a duel fan setup on the heatsink which pushes and pulls the air rather effectively through the aluminium fins for optimal results. The cheaper Antec C40 CPU Cooler also does a pretty good job.

So, which is better?

Well, if you have a high end setup, where you are editing videos on Adobe Premier for your day job, and then streaming OBS to Twitch & YouTube while you are playing Fortnight as a secondary income stream, then yes, get a liquid cooler! It’s going to keep your rig way more stable than an air cooler could ever do. You will need to ensure that your power supply can handle it though.

On the other hand though, if you need simple effective cooling on a budget for a decent PC that gets used a few times a week for fun, or just to check your emails, maybe a bit of work, then getting the Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M is the best way to go!

Now... If you are still skeptical, and not really sure what to get... we always have the Hybrid version as well, the Cooler Master Maker 92 Hybrid. Best of both worlds!

Watch the video from Linus Tech Tips for some more information.

Credit: Linus Tech Tips

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