Hoosain Kagee Donation Drive With Chaos Computers


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Chaos Computers Donation Drive By Hoosain Kagee And Friends

Mr. Hoosain Kagee from Cape Town in conjunction with Chaos Computers, are setting up a refurbishment and donation initiative where old broken and unused computers will be repaired and re-purposed, And they will find their way into the hands of underprivileged children that need them. Unusable equipment will be sorted out into waste disposal categories, and a system will be implemented to properly dispose of all electronic waste in a proper manner

Chaos Computers, along with ***Hoosain Kagee and friends, will be marketed and promoted as a drop off point for unwanted and old electronic goods in the Southern Suburbs region of Cape Town. This equipment will then be sorted and tested by the technical team at Chaos Computers. Any equipment that is found to be working or potentially usable, will be set  aside,refurbished, and re-purposed into computers that are in working and usable condition. Equipment that is unusable will be properly disposed of using the correct electronic waste disposal procedures, assisting in reducing the effect of dangerous electronic equipment ending up in dumps and being improperly disposed of or recycled. Working computers and laptops will be salvaged and repurposed thanks to funding from Hoosain Kagee.

The Hoosain Kagee And Friends Foundation

Funding and sponsorship for repair of computers, Ewaste Disposal

Mr Hoosain Kagee has agreed to setup a foundation, ***Hoosain Kagee And Friends, that will secure funding from various sources to pay for additional hardware requirements and labour charges involved in fixing and refurbishing the usable equipment, and also to assist and ensure disposing of the unusable equipment in a proper manner. Any Computers and Laptops that are salvaged through the waste refurbishment and disposal system that is setup internally by Chaos computers, will be reloaded with appropriate software, and reconfigured to a condition that is good enough to use. These machines will then be cleaned and prepared for distribution to registered recipients of the Hoosain Kagee And Friends foundation so that children and adults of all walks of life can have access to much needed equipment that can help them to learn and prepare

Chaos Computers have already successfully re-purposed and distributed some equipment in preparation for the project. The project is still under development and is nearing the stages of launch. Preparations are being made by Chaos computers to accommodate and facilitate the initiative setup by Mr. Hoosain Kagee, and both parties are excited to assist and facilitate the initiative.

The Hoosain Kagee and Friends foundation, once established, will also secure partnership with EWASA (Electronic Waste Foundation Of South Africa) to better facilitate and ensure the proper disposal of unusable broken electronic waste.

Refurbish, Repurpose, Recycle.

*** Hoosain Kagee And Friends : This is a foundation that is currently under establishment and it's creation is being driven by Mr. Hoosain Kagee form Cape Town. The foundation will oversee the sourcing of donations and sponsorship for funding to assist in repairing and distributing of re-purposed computer equipment.

Website Coming Soon: www.hoosainkageefoundation.net