Where Can I Build A Decent Gaming PC In Cape Town

Time to Build My Ultimate Gaming PC! Where do I go to build up a decent Gaming Computer?

The choices of Gaming PC shops to visit in Cape Town when you are looking to put together a decent gaming computer have become so scarce. Most of your local retail outlets advertise all of the latest gaming gear, but none of them keep it in stock. The guys behind the counters look at you with blank faces when you ask them about cache memory on CPU’s and bit rates on graphics cards. And we all know what happens when we buy on line and something goes wrong with the hardware.

What would a Gaming PC enthusiast like to see most in a store:

  • A great range of components to choose from
  • The products must be on the shelf, not in a catalog.
  • The prices must be reasonable. We want to get a good deal on a complete build.

It is completely impossible to expect your local computer store to keep every single Gaming PC Component available on their shelf. But, they should at least have a few different options available for you to look at. Incredible Connection don’t even stock PC components, Computer Mania has stacked their shelves with speakers keyboards and cables, and your smaller retailers only have two or three options in stock that they will try to push onto you just to try and make a sale.

What would a Gaming PC enthusiast expect from a consultant in a store:

  • We want to talk to a knowledgeable consultant.
  • As PC gamers, we do have a little bit of knowledge ourselves.
  • Sometimes, we know exactly what we are looking for, just help us to get it.

Sometimes we have questions about the components we are looking at, and we need the advice of someone that has the technical knowledge to steer us in the right direction. At the same time, We don’t want to talk to people that treat us like idiots, and can respect the fact that we have done a little bit of our own research already, and know what we want.

The Team at Chaos Computers thought hard about this situation.

We visited some other stores in Cape Town, and thought about what the Gaming Guys would be looking for. How could we help to cater for these valued Gaming PC clients?

The result was impressive, and our “Gaming Wall” was built.

We have increased our Gaming PC component range !

Now stocking the latest range of gaming products in store, and a great selection of Gaming components and accessories. We also decided to stick to the top component manufacturers like Gigabyte and MSI. Quality was KEY during this discussion.

Another additional plus to building your Gaming Desktop with us is that our sales guys are gamers too. We know the technical ins and outs of putting together an ideal gaming rig. The components that we stock are all components that we would buy and use ourselves.

Our policy when it comes to stock that we don’t have in store is simple. If it’s available, we will get it for you. Same day, or following day the latest. Our guys are keen to help you to get up and gaming in the quickest time frame possible.

But why not just buy everything from Takealot or Wootware?

Yes, you might be able to get some of the gear cheaper from on-line stores that list every available component cheaper than all of your local PC shops can offer them to you at. But what happens if something happens to go wrong with your motherboard? Or what if one of your steam games just refuses to download and install correctly? We have seen many clients go through this process before. Be ready to ship your vital Gaming PC component back to the on-line store at your own expense, and wait patiently for the replacement. Or maybe try and give their tech support guys a call to help you with your steam installation. Oh wait … they don’t have a tech support department.

These are all things that you have to consider when putting together your ultimate Gaming PC

All these factors play a part in enjoying the process of building a desktop from start to finish.

  • Where can I get the right advice about the components that I need?
  • Do you have a good selection of Gaming PC components that I can look at, touch, feel?
  • Will you deal quickly and effectively with any after sales issues that I have?
  • Are you properly equipped to let ME enjoy the experience of putting together my ultimate Gaming PC,
  • And are you going to be part of experiencing and enjoying this journey with ME?


At Chaos Computers in Claremont, The answer to these questions is Yes

We want to help YOU while building YOUR ultimate Gaming PC.