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Professional Computer Repair & Laptop Repair Services

Computer Repair & Laptop Repair Services Our highly qualified team of technical experts offer a comprehensive range of computer repair services. With many years of hard earned experience fixing PC related issues on some of the first ever released desktops, to diagnosing and repairing issues on the latest Core i7 desktop and server computers, Our technicians…
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AAA Killshot Overclocking Core i7 Gaming PC From Chaos

Built using the latest Intel Coffee Lake Technology Built to murder most AAA Title currently on the market at a decent FPS High Quality Components for High Quality Gaming, Video Editing, Rendering and Design Work Can Overclock with Ease – Push it to the limits and outperform your enemies AAA Killshot Gaming Computer Specifications: Coolermaster Mastercase…
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Where Can I Build A Decent Gaming PC In Cape Town

Time to Build My Ultimate Gaming PC! Where do I go to build up a decent Gaming Computer? The choices of Gaming PC shops to visit in Cape Town when you are looking to put together a decent gaming computer have become so scarce. Most of your local retail outlets advertise all of the latest gaming gear, but none of them…
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